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fly wear conventional

Instructions: Conventional

To wear the bow tie with the "OTie" conventionally, we have prepared the corresponding instructions for you here. In summary: You close the top button of your shirt or blouse.

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bow tie wear innovative casual

Instructions: Innovative-casual

Do you want to wear the bow tie with the "OTie" innovative-casual in everyday life and for every occasion according to the instructions? Then here are your instructions... In summary:

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The OTie combines fashion with technology

We combine fashion with technology!

Luxury accessory bow tie can also be worn casually? As a supplement to the time-honoured ways of wearing the accessory bow tie or also called bow tie, we offer an innovative and revolutionary

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tie a bow tie

How do you tie a bow tie?

Bow ties and their fastening variations The bow tie - an accessory with tradition that can and even should be easily combined with modern fashion. But how

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People wear bow ties again

Wearing a bow tie again

The bow tie and its history The accessory for men, at that time bow ties were only worn by men, was invented by a woman of all people. Madame Pompadour

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sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. The new topic is also getting more and more attention in the fashion industry. What makes fashion

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