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Lifestyle accessories and leather bow ties for women and men made from leather skins of fish.


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The need for lifestyle accessories

People have always strived for self-realisation. Nowadays, in order to stand out in the fashion world with a own fashion style However, to be able to realise one's dreams oneself, it is not uncommon for high financial means to be required. Even if luxury had a different status in the past, it is still a big issue today. A particularly high value in this context has the topic of Fashion and Fashionbecause the outfit and look have to be right every day. The phrase - clothes make the man - still applies here today!

Medium fish leather fly handmade

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Bow tie sets

Only with us: Leather flies made from fish leather




Flies are in again

Your Bow Tie - Your Look - Your Appearance

Stand out from the crowd with accessories - be unique

It's easy to see where this can lead - once you're at a wedding and everyone is walking around in dresses and suits from Hugo Boss, Armani and Dior, you've proven you can afford something more expensive, but it's questionable whether you're achieving the real goal - to stand out, be unique and be stand out from the crowd - has achieved. This is exactly where accessories come into play.

An accessory, like the bow ties, that combines and embodies all the important themes of today's society, such as luxury, lifestyle, uniqueness, inimitability, individuality and sustainability - is in the Flying from "7OceanTies. Discover a new look and feel, a new favourite. The bow tie as a time-tested classic, timeless, luxurious - which is always associated with a high lifestyle, whether urban or classy. Attracting attention with accessories? Good. Draw attention to yourself with unique accessories every day, with every outfit? Better!

Just as unique as you!

What makes the bow tie accessory so unique?

Since very few of us design and make all of our own clothes, it's not uncommon to find someone wearing the same thing. If it's not the same item, it's at least the same colour, pattern or cut. Accessories can make all the difference here and make the most boring outfit look exciting, give it a personal touch and add to the trend of wearing bow ties. For example, with new materials like Fish leather, linen, cowhide, Silkvelvet, etc., other trends can be discovered.

A new trend begins when the newly acquired accessory can not only be worn at gala parties or gambling in Las Vegas, but can also be used in various ways in everyday life. A luxury and lifestyle accessory for ladies and gentlemen should come without much effort, can be combined in many ways! It should suit all occasions and always radiate. Discover today the  Flying from "7OceanTies" - so that every day is a special and unique one for you!

Salmon leather bow ties
Fly production leather
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The accessory for men, at that time bow ties were only worn by men, was invented by a woman of all people. Madame Pompadour (1721 - 1764) was the mistress of Louis XV. 

The bow tie - an accessory with tradition that can and even should be easily combined with modern fashion. But how do you tie a bow tie correctly?

As a supplement to the time-honoured ways of wearing the accessory bow tie or also called loop, we offer an innovative and revolutionary novelty.