Instructions: Casual-outstanding

If you are a trendsetter, then you can wear the bow tie with the "OTie Unisex" casual-outstanding according to the instructions on any button. We have put together your instructions for this here.

In summary: You sew a suitable button to your garment, e.g. dress, dungarees, T-shirt, etc., where you want to wear the bow tie. However, it must not be a garment with an existing button placket, as there are other "OTie" variants for these! Then you fix the "OTie Unisex" variant to this button. Afterwards you can simply different coloured flies and choose your stylish outfit. For this we also have Silk Bow Tie Sets on offer in our online shop. Different patterns and paisley silk bow ties can be put together individually as a set of 2 according to your taste. With this innovation, we offer you more degrees of freedom in designing your individual fashion style.

We have created a video for you, in which you will find instructions on how the "OTie Unisex" casual-outstanding is attached and worn. So revolutionary it has not yet been possible to create an exclusive Accessory like the bow tie Customise your individual fashion style!



You can find out how to match your new accessory to your outfit correctly and quickly here here

Now we have made you a trendsetter and you have found your own style... This way of wearing an exclusive fashion accessory like the bow tie is revolutionary and still very rare. That's why your friends will quickly recognise you as a trendsetter!