The revolution of the fly!

Fly with a difference

Out of the sea & back again

Are you going on holiday again soon? Get ready for chilled-out days at the beach or by the pool with our trendy accessories from "7OceanTies". Discover our Fish Leather Bow TiesCombine your beachwear and complete your individual look with an accessory. Wearing a bow tie is no longer old-fashioned, on the contrary - it's back in fashion!

Our stylish bow ties can also be perfectly combined with beachwear on the beach with hat and sunglasses.

An absolute eye-catcher

As with everyday fashion, it's your personal taste and style that moves you when it comes to beachwear. Discover a new look and feel, a new favourite and become unique.

With our coloured Lifestyle products you'll be the absolute eye-catcher at every beach party!

Beachwear for women and men
Beachware Sea Wolf Leather Bow Tie Blue D3 2
Beachwear with leather bow ties for men and women

7OceanTies sets summer trends

Matching flip-flops and chic sunglasses complete the beachwear outfit with a bow tie accessory. Whether heading to the beach bar for a drink or to the beach, beachwear with a Leather bow tie is casual and comfortable and is suitable for the beach and the city, depending on the combination.

Become a trendsetter and find your own style!

Revolutionary Beachwear Summer Trends with Leather Bow Ties from 7OceanTies

We connect for you Fashion with technology!

No matter if you are female or male, with our innovative closure solutions Neclo or OTie you will always be on trend. We wish you much pleasure with our Lifestyle Accessories from "7OceanTies.

Become a trendsetter and find your own innovative fashion style...