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All about us

Who we are

FashTec GmbH is an innovative start-up company newly founded in October 2017 and is active in the fashion world. The company combines with its novel and trendy Products - Fashion with technology! The company develops and designs innovative and sustainable fastening solutions for bow tie accessories. We work together with industrial companies that manufacture our products for us using the additive manufacturing process.

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What we stand for

Integrity in action - we build trust through credibility, transparency and competence.

Environmental friendliness - we source and use products from the environment on sustainable manner.

Species protection - we comply with the International Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Craft commitment - we work with designers who have a high level of experience in terms of Handcrafted details and elegance in the manufacture of our leather products.

Engagement we support actions and projects against the Pollution of the oceans by plastic waste.

Where we want to go

Our strategy is healthy growth. In doing so, we plan and invest for the long term. We consider a high level of customer satisfaction to be an indispensable prerequisite for long-term profitability. Sustainability, an ecological attitude and noble workmanship are the basic principles according to which we manufacture our unique products design and then have them produced.