Wearing a bow tie again

The fly and its history

The accessory for men, at that time bow ties were only worn by men, was invented by a woman of all people. Madame Pompadour (1721 - 1764) was the mistress of Louis XV. She tied the bow of her bodice around her neck, more or less as a necklace. At that time, a bow on naked skin was pure provocation.

The term Bohème or Boheme refers to a subculture of intellectual fringe groups with predominantly literary, visual arts and musical activity or ambition that set themselves apart from bourgeois attitudes and behaviour. Bohemia is less an aesthetic-critical category than a social-historical one. A female member of the Bohème is the Bohémienne, a male relative is the Bohemians.

This way of life is especially common in artistic circles, such as painters, poets and literary figures, but also among students. Bourgeois daughters and sons often refused the norms and customs of their parental home and class and lived the life of a bohemian, which was often experienced as more authentic, more independent, more original and less alienated.

The motives and backgrounds for such a lifestyle are diverse. The desire to overcome bourgeois values and norms that are experienced as restrictive, or the desire to find identity, self-realisation and creative freedom can play just as much a role as an eccentric nature, youthful rebellion against the parental generation, experiences of alienation and social or cultural criticism - and of course the passionate devotion to art, even if it is not enough to earn a living.

Thus the bohemians, there too predominantly the gentlemen, took the fashion accessory again and showed themselves with the bow around their necks. The eccentric and provocative sign now no longer applied only to the nobility, but also to bourgeois society.

For many years, the bow-tie was not only much better known and more popular than the necktie, but for a long time it was also much larger than the model we know today. As with ties, bow ties have also changed in size. Later, however, the tie replaced the bow tie, and only the "black bow-tie", i.e. the plain black bow tie, has continued to be worn by men with tailcoats and dinner jackets.
The most famous gentlemen - wearers of the bow tie in the 20th century were probably Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. But one of the most famous comic heroes, Donald Duck, also wore a bow tie.

In addition, the bow tie has been given a variety of names, so it is also known as a bow tie, cross tie and bow-tie from English. In Switzerland it is also called a tie and in Austria a mascherl.

Re-elected fashion accessory - bow ties are making a comeback

People are wearing bow ties again! Over the years, the bow tie lost a lot of its importance. First, it was replaced by the necktie, and in the subsequent hippie era, neither was worn at all. While ties became a must again, especially in the business world, bow ties were far from being suitable for everyday wear again. They had been too firmly shaped by festive evening occasions and the butler and waiter image. Since 2010 or so, however, the bow tie has been making its true comeback.

Today, the bow tie is available in all imaginable materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, leather, linen, wood and more. There is also everything you can imagine in terms of patterns and colours. Dotted, chequered, plain, with symbols and much more, there are no limits to your imagination.

Current fashion shows by hip designers like Joop, Calvin Klein and others from Milan, Paris to New York are reviving the men's trend. The bow tie is making a comeback, not only for exclusive occasions but also for everyday wear. The bow tie, as it is also called, is now one of the most popular most stylish lifestyle accessories for women and menand thus it has also shed its waiter and university professor image. Young and old, as well as men and women, are reviving the fashion trend - stylish bow ties. Today, many celebrities are wearing bow ties again. Thanks to this accessory, you can not only upgrade boring outfits, you can also give every outfit a personal touch, develop your own style, individualise and underline it. The brave even go for a style break - with a pair of washed-out jeans, leather jacket and bow tie - so you can stand out from the crowd. Especially in a set, with a pocketkerchief, the classic looks as good as ever.

Who wears the bow tie today?

Man(s) are wearing bow ties again! Nowadays, probably every man has a bow tie at home. Some men still only wear them on festive occasions, such as weddings or gala evenings, as a set with a pocketkerchief. For others, it has become part of everyday life. For some professions, for example Silk flies They can be used as accessories without any problems, because they make the outfit look chic and yet modern, and they also give the wearer self-confidence and fashion awareness. The bow tie is not only worn by waiters and hotel staff, for example, for whom it is part of their working clothes, but today it is also worn by athletes, journalists, politicians, artists, musicians, scientists, etc. as a fashion accessory combined with a suit, replacing the traditional tie.

A big advantage of wearing a bow tie over a necktie is that it never gets in the way. It doesn't fall into food, for example, or get in the way when dancing. Once the bow tie is properly put on, it hardly shifts and the clothes fit perfectly.

Whether bow ties will ever replace neckties in men's fashion is unclear. While ties are ahead of the game for men, especially in the business world, the Flying in everyday life or on occasions become the accessories they should be. In all colours and sizes, from handmade and inimitably individual pieces to designer collections by Joop, Calvin Klein and Co. What's more, these bow ties may no longer be dominated only by men in the future, but are also catching on with women in the fashion world.

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