Salmon Leather Bow Tie, Purple Metallic

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Salmon Leather Bow Tie Purple Metallic | D3-F-909-A_U

  • Processing: handmade, padded and sewn
  • Pattern: pigmentation and characteristic structure of the skin of the fish is preserved, making every lifestyle product inimitable
  • Packaging: Product is delivered in a noble gift box made according to artisan tradition.
  • Closure: innovative closure solution Neclo "Mod. dép. (protected)
  • Delivery time when sold out: approx. four weeks, (it is not guaranteed that the same shape, skin structure or colour will be available again for new or repeat orders).
  • Note: Pictures may vary slightly from the original due to the handmade nature and uniqueness of the product.
  • Safety instructions
  • Product maintenance

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D3 - Butterfly "Mod. dép." (protected)


Violet metallic

Fish leather

Salmon leather

Leather thickness

medium/thin, coated tanned

Wearing comfort

Fish leather rawhides guarantee high long-lasting wearing comfort with low abrasion, they are light but tear-resistant, thin and yet robust